We subscribe to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your pet. Each of our staff undergoes special training before they begin their job. We have an ongoing concern for the humane treatment of all pets.
Our Emphasis
  • Your pet's health, safety and comfort.
  • A hygienic and esthetically pleasing environment.
  • Products selected for safety and quality
  • Attention to detail.
Pet Groomers Report & Health Alert
We provide a written report of the observation made of your pet which concern it's health. A recommendation for veterinary attention may be made. It is not intended to replace regular check-ups by your veterinarian nor is it a medical examination. It is a courtesy extended to the pet owner out of humane concern for the health of your pet.
Pet Record
Individual records are maintained about your pet.
  • Owner's name, address and telephone number.
  • Pet's name, special needs and health status.
pregnancy ear infections
inoculations medications
skin conditions epilepsy
heart conditions                allergies
A Groomed Pet is a Happy Pet

Appointment Hours: Tue-Sat, 9:00 am to
5:30 pm