Preferred Client Program

Have you ever wanted to have your pet groomed only to find there were no available openings when you need them? That never needs to happen again when you take advantage of our Preferred Client Program. This special program ensures that you will always have the appointment you need when you need it. The day and time are selected by you to conform to your busy schedule.
How Does it Work?
Option A - The Standing Appointment Option
A specific appointment is pre-scheduled for your pet at intervals of one to twenty-six weeks. This pre-selected interval is yours as long as you wish. You will receive a reminder call 2 or 3 days before your appointment to confirm it. At that time you may confirm, cancel or reschedule a more convenient time.
Option B - The Courtesy Call Option
As with Option A you select an interval between appointments of one to twenty-six weeks. You will be called 2 weeks prior to the selected interval. Instead of the appointment being pre-selected subject to your confirmation, you schedule the appointment at the time of the call.
Priority Holiday Scheduling for Program Members
Never again will you have to scramble around trying to schedule a hard-to-get holiday appointment. As a member of the Preferred Client Program your appointment will be pre-booked and waiting for you.
To start the program simply call the receptionist and say "I want to start the Preferred Client Program" or ask to join on your next visit. It's easy as that. This is just our way to say "Thank You" for trusting your pet with us.
A Groomed Pet is a Happy Pet

Appointment Hours: Tue-Sat, 9:00 am to
5:30 pm